The No Sweat Switch  

Our No Sweat Switch will make you Smile!

Just follow this easy path to Better Banking with Benchmark!


It's easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Select your account(s).
Choose from our list of Benchmark checking accounts. There's one that's right for you!

2. Open the Benchmark account(s).
Visit a Benchmark branch convenient to you to complete the account opening. Make sure you bring the proper identification.* If you wish to expedite this process, fill out the New Account Request Form ahead of time and send or bring it to us.

3. Let us help you close your old account(s)...
Decide when is best to stop using your old account(s). Some people need to do this in order to open the new one. Some people prefer to take their time and do it gradually. If you are ready to close your old account, remember to bring all pertinent contact information with you when you open your account and your customer service representative will prepare the paperwork for you. This will include a Direct Deposit Change Request instructing your employer and/or anyone else who pays you regularly to start depositing your check in your new account, and an Automatic Payment Change Form authorizing anyone who takes a payment automatically out of your old account to start withdrawing it from your new account. They will also prepare a Notice of Account Closure form to go to the bank where you have your current account.

...or DIY - your choice!
Should you want or need to handle your change requests and account closures yourself, you can, of course, fill out the above forms yourself. You may want to use our handy Direct Deposit and Automatic Withdrawal Planner to track how long it will take to get these functions switched to your new account. We also have Account Balance Worksheets to calculate how much you have or will have in your account on closing. For those of you who use Internet Banking and seldom write checks, use our Account Balance Worksheet for "Paperless People". If you are completing the switch yourself and get Social Security, please note that Social Security requires their own form. Our routing number is 051402482.

Start smiling. You're now ready to enjoy better banking with Benchmark!

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*In accordance with section 326 of the USA Patriot Act, applicants for new accounts are required to provide current picture identification that verifies identity including name, address, and other personal information.