Construction Loans

Building a home?3-d blueprint model of home

Let us help with our "No Surprises" Residential Construction Loan Program.

Why Benchmark?

  • No need for you to look for two different sources of funding.
  • Extensive experience with construction loans for those wanting to build their own home.
  • Loan officers who will work closely with both you and the builder thus avoiding potential misunderstandings and/or delays.
  • Great rates and terms.
  • Experienced loan officers and assistants. Loan personnel at Benchmark have, on average, 18 years of experience!
  • A local focus - this bank reinvests in the local economy, not some far-off place!
  • A bank with an exceptional service culture. We’re not just friendly; we strive to make a difference in people’s lives.
  • A financially sound bank with which you can do business with confidence!
  • Peace of mind for everyone involved!

If you need financing, look no further than Benchmark. We offer a seamless “Construction to Permanent” loan process for those building a new home. It works like this:

Couple looking at blueprints Once you and your contractor have determined the cost of the home you would like to build, come in to see us. A Benchmark loan officer will take your application and, based on the construction estimate, calculate for you the total amount of the fee associated with the construction phase of your home loan.

contruction loans2 At the same time that the construction terms are discussed, Benchmark will inquire about your preference for permanent financing (15- vs. 30-year loan, etc), explain the bank’s secondary mortgage program, and introduce you to a mortgage officer who will work on securing a permanent loan.

Construction worker and businesswoman shaking hands The construction loan officer will work with the builder and you throughout the entire building process, staying in constant communication on inspections, progress, possible overruns, etc. The builder’s goal is the same as yours and ours: No surprises!

Man shaking a businessman hand By the time the house is nearing completion, terms for the permanent loan will be in place.  If a traditional mortgage is not the right fit for your situation, Benchmark is usually able to transition the construction loan to a permanent in-house mortgage with no extra closing costs.

Kitchen in a finished house

When you close on the permanent loan and move into your beautiful new home, we all celebrate!

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