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Description Location Type Contact
land for sale Lot 49, Sec. A
Roanoke Point
Beechwood Dr.
Clarksville, VA 23947
PRN 11139
Building Lot
near Kerr Lake

Charles Simmons
Simmons & Associates Realty
(434) 917-2228

no photo available Lazy Oaks Lane
Charlotte C.H., VA 23923
Map ID #39-A-4E
19.74 acres-cutover

Les Roark
Long & Foster
(434) 922-6100

(434) 390-1041

reo hal 719 (002) 719 Mountain Rd.
Halifax, VA 24558
PRN 7165
Large brick home
5 BR/4 BA; also, a guest house w/ living room, kitchen, bed & bath
Sharon Wilborn, Realtor
Realty Resource, LLC
(434) 572-5736
no photo available 60 NC Highway 125
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870
Halifax County
PRN 1200019
Office building 9433 SF
2.5 acre lot
Pete Ramsey
Counts Realty & Auction Group
(434) 258-6611
102 Love Gregory Drive
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870
21 commercial tracts
(click image for details)
Pete Ramsey
Counts Realty & Auction Group
(434) 258-6611
no photo available Green Level Rd.
Scottsburg, VA 24589
PRN 24378
Wooded Building Lot
(1.64 ac.)
Sharon Wilborn, Realtor
Realty Resource, LLC
(434) 572-5736


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Benchmark Community Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any bid. The sale will be made without warranty or representation, expressed or implied.