Presenting Our 2020 Calendar:

First Impressions

The picture postcard made its American debut in 1893 at the Columbian Exposition during the Chicago World’s Fair. Inspired by mid-century European note cards designed for brief missives among correspondents, the postcard was a multipurpose communications tool. Introduced as a means for quick communications, its employment paralleled the launch of mass production of the American motorcar and proliferation of domestic travel.

Postcards were the twentieth century’s version of social media. A quick note was jotted to let the recipient know that a visitor was en route, plans had changed, or that they had been thought about. Prior to the advent of telephone service, postcards were often used to communicate across town for social invitations, make business appointments, or inquire about one’s health. Postage was a penny - hence, the name "penny postcard" - and postal service reliable.

By the early 1900s, picture postcards were adopted to promote tourism. Local businesses often commissioned photographers to capture iconic images for transport to prospective visitors and residents as fresh dollars to support their communities were courted.

Everyone at Benchmark Community Bank does our best to make your impressions of us enjoyable and to make you feel at home in whichever branch you choose to visit. We are proud to share with you our 2020 calendar entitled "First Impressions." We hope you enjoy picture postcards that offered a look into the communities we serve today and the impressions that inspired the growth of our region.

First Impressions is now available for pick up at all of our locations.

black train in Crewe

Courthouse in Brunswick county

MacCallum More Museum & Gardens in Chase City, VA

Berry Hill Plantation in South Boston, VA

The word love in wooden capital letters

Courthouse in Lunenburg, VA

Hot air balloons over Kerr Lake

High Bridge Trail in Rice, VA

Black and white picture of Kenbridge High School

Front of courthouse in Halifax, VA

Armory in Blackstone, VA

Stage in the Colonial Center

Front Cover
Front cover of Community Cornerstones

Back CoverBack cover of Community Cornerstones




Note: We have made every effort to include dates for our local community events on this calendar. If any are incorrect or have been omitted, we apologize. If you did not get a copy of the 2020 calendar and would like to have one, please visit your local branch.