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Southern Rhythms

The Southside Virginia and northern North Carolina region is rich in Southern culture. Though our area has long been associated with peanuts, ham, and tobacco, there is an unseen commodity woven into our fabric: it is the music of the South that has been equally influential in telling the world who we are as a people. From songs about driving a pickup truck down a country road with a huntin' dog riding shotgun to the woes of unrequited love, the genres of Southern Folk Music capture the milestones of our lives in a way no other medium can. It defines us, underscores our history and heritage, and combines to create a culture that invites the rest of the world to experience who we are.

In 2017, Benchmark Community Bank partnered with the Virginia State Park divison of the Virginia Department of Conservation Resources to present a concert series celebrating and commemorating the region's musical heritage. "Routes of Rhythm" concerts are held year-round in Virginia State Parks throughout the Southside Virginia region. Presenting contemporary musicians performing traditional Southern music, the concerts are a touchpoint to the musical heritage we celebrate in this year's Benchmark calendar. We invite you to join us on the 2019 Routes of Rhythm in a Benchmark community near you.

Southern Rhythms is now available for pick up at all of our locations.

black train in Crewe

Courthouse in Brunswick county

MacCallum More Museum & Gardens in Chase City, VA

Berry Hill Plantation in South Boston, VA

The word love in wooden capital letters

Courthouse in Lunenburg, VA

Hot air balloons over Kerr Lake

High Bridge Trail in Rice, VA

Black and white picture of Kenbridge High School

Front of courthouse in Halifax, VA

Armory in Blackstone, VA

Stage in the Colonial Center

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