Hi, Kids!  I'm Savemore the Squirrel and I'd like to help you learn to become a regular saver and develop good financial skills. My bank, Benchmark, believes that you're never too young to begin developing these fine habits. We also believe that learning these skills can be FUN!  So if you're between the ages of 5 and 12, we invite you to join the YES Club.

YES stands for Youth Excited about Saving. If that describes you, we can help you establish a YES savings account.  When you open the account, you can also sign up to become a member of the YES Club and get these things free:YES Club gifts

  • A YES Club piggy bank
  • A membership card
  • A YES button
  • A transaction register
  • An activity or story book
  • A bookmark

As a YES Club member, you're also eligible to become a Saver of the Month! Each time you come into the bank or complete and submit the monthly puzzle, quiz or exercise, your name will be entered into a drawing. A name will be drawn each month at each Benchmark branch and the winner will become the Saver of the Month for that branch. Each Saver of the Month will get $10 added to his or her YES account and will be recognized on these YES Club website pages!

At the end of the year, each Saver of the Month and each club member who participated throughout the year will get the chance to become Saver of the Year.

You can also share your ideas, dreams, and stories of success with us. Once you open your account, e-mail us at YES@bcbonline.com and tell us what you're saving for and/or what your savings goals are (college? a new bike? a special trip?) As your savings grow, you can send us updates on your progress and tell us about some of the money you've saved (maybe a birthday gift or something special you did to earn some money).

Additionally, there will always be some fun things for you to do - games, puzzles, and other contests- when you visit these pages. Last year, we held a story & coloring contest for members and their friends to enter. Stay tuned for other exciting opportunities!

Yes, The YES Club will be FUN! It will also help you grow your money and that, of course, is always a good thing! So tell your parents to bring you to any Benchmark branch so that you can get started. If they have questions, tell them to call or e-mail us at YES@bcbonline.com. We're looking forward to having you as a YES member!

Your Friend,  

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