Special Notices


Travel Preparation

When planning a trip, always remember to alert your local branch as to the locations and dates that you will be traveling. Monitoring systems normally block transactions outside of your normal day-to-day area of spending and those that look suspicious. This will keep that from happening. Learn more about our debit card protection program.


Because communication is becoming increasingly electronic, plus the fact that e-mail addresses, unlike physical addresses, can be easily and quickly changed, Benchmark is reminding all customers to make sure that they update their e-mail address with us when it changes. When we don't get word of the change, we lose the ability to send important updates and notices, including some exciting opportunities! If your e-mail has changed since you last gave us one or if you are new to email, please let us know. E-mail us at customerservice@bcbonline.com with the valid e-mail address you prefer to use.


Changes from the Federal Reserve concerning Regulation CC (Funds Availability): If we place a hold on a check you deposit, the funds will generally be available on the second business day after the day of deposit.

Holiday Closings

Benchmark will close to observe the following holidays:

Columbus Day Monday, October 9
Veterans Day Saturday, November 11
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 23
Christmas Day Monday, December 25
We encourage you to use Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Banking by Phone (800-245-7506), BCBonTheGo, and our convenient ATMs when the bank is closed.