Commercial Services

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic deposits and payments can save your company or organization time and money while improving the satisfaction of your employees and customers. Thanks to advances in technology, transactions completed electronically are safe and accurate - governments, financial institutions, and large corporations worldwide use electronic funds transfer to conduct business.

Benchmark currently offers these electronic funds transfers:

Bill Pay

Businesses that do not require two signatures on accounts can use BCB's current Bill Pay, which saves them money on checks and stamps. You can set up, schedule, and track single, future, and recurring payments. Bill Pay designed specifically for larger businesses (those requiring more than one signature on accounts) is being considered.

Direct Deposit Payroll Service

Also called ACH Origination, this service makes it possible for us to meet the needs of business customers who want to simplify the payroll process. It eliminates the need to produce and track paper checks. With Direct Deposit Payroll, you can generate your payroll electronically, which is both more efficient and more secure - no checks to get lost or stolen. The process is also less labor intensive, freeing up your staff for other initiatives.

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Scan and Send Deposits Electronically

Sometimes referred to as remote capture, this time-saving tool eliminates the need for business customers to bring paper checks to the bank for deposit. Instead, you can process those checks electronically. Here's how: the MICR line on paper checks is scanned in your place of business and the check information is electronically converted and sent to the bank for processing as an ACH transaction. Without leaving your place of business, you're done!

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ReSubmitIt Check Recovery Service

If you hate spending time dealing with bad checks, we have the perfect solution for you. Re$ubmitIt®, our free electronic check recovery service, significantly reduces the burden of collecting funds from NSF checks by handling the process for you. It’s done discreetly and electronically from beginning to end allowing you to collect more returned checks - possibly even double your recovery rate. Plus, you get 100% of the face value of checks that are collected electronically! This service is offered free to all of our business checking customers! Learn more about ReSubmitIt.

For registered users:

Access ReSubmitIt's secure online reporting center to find the status of any checks being collected for you.