Business Checking

Benchmark offers several different types of checking account. All Benchmark business checking accounts come with these FREE services:

Select from these great account options:

Business Builder Value-Added Checking

This account is actually better than free! It requires no minimum balance, has no service charge, and no analysis fees but that's not even the best part. In addition to our extraordinary basic checking package (see above), it comes with night depository service and official checks at no extra charge.

Business Navigator Checking

This premier account was developed for businesses that maintain a large balance ($25,000+) and want the extras that come with this level of commitment. Enrollment in the basic or standard package of eBanking for Business is required with this account. Either package offers additional online banking features to help manage your business' finances. In addition to earning interest with this account, Navigator customers get the basics, all the services included with the Business Builder, a $100 reimbursement for checks and deposit tickets at account opening plus these key services FREE:

Business Money Market Account

Our multi-tiered Business Money Market Account is structured to give you a higher interest rate each time your balance reaches a certain threshold. Although requiring a minimum starting balance of $2,500 and limited to 6 withdrawals per month, this account yields higher return than any other type of checking product.

Benchmark Business Interest Checking

For business owners who want to earn interest on their checking balance, this no-frills interest-bearing account might be the answer.

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Savings and Special Accounts

Because certain groups, such as non-profit organizations and municipalities have different needs than your typical business, Benchmark has created accounts designed especially for them. They include:

The Community 1st Checking AccountChurch

Community 1st logo This interest-bearing checking account is just for non-profit organizations or 501(c)(3)s such as churches, civic groups and charities. There is no minimum balance and no monthly service fee. Plus, it comes with all of the free services that are offered with our business checking accounts.

The Community Services Savings Account

Like the Community 1st checking account, this savings account is for non-profit organizations. There is no minimum balance to maintain each month and no monthly service fee.

The Municipal Relationships Account

This checking account is designed to give government entities the flexibility they need to effectively deal with the ebbs and flows of official business. With this account, Benchmark offers special tools for simplifying financial processes for towns, counties, and all types of government agencies.

Special Deposit Services

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®

Worried about the limitations of FDIC coverage? Benchmark has the answer!

If you manage significantly more than $100,000 for your business or organization and generally put the funds in certificates of deposit, ask your Benchmark business banker or branch manager about CDARS or the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®. Benchmark joined this special network in order to provide customers like you better access to FDIC coverage for all of your money.

For detailed information on CDARS, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Visa Debit Card

visa debit cardThe ATM/Visa Debit Card for businesses is both versatile and convenient. It also saves time and money. You can use it for all types of purchases - in-store, over the phone, or online - eliminating the need for checks. At the ATM, you can get cash quickly.

Visa debit card transactions can be either signature-based or PIN-based - your choice - whichever works best for your business. As with most cards of this type, there are daily limits for withdrawals and purchases. We will thoroughly review these with you upon issuance of the card.

To get a Visa® Business Debit Card, you must first have a Benchmark business checking account. Generally, you will be offered the card at account opening. If you already have a checking account but did not, for any reason, get a card and would like one now, contact us and we will start the process. If you would like to know more about this type of card, review our document, Using the Visa Debit Card.

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