10 Reasons to Choose Benchmark                                                          for your next loan
Couple and businesswoman going over loans

  1. As a community bank, our focus is lending to local residents and businesses.

  2. Because we are locally owned, we can give you a quick, fair decision.
  3. Our lenders are local folks who care about you and understand the area.
  4. We have always been a responsible lender – no funny business here!
  5. We will take the time to thoroughly answer all of your questions. Our “Ask a Lender” program invites you to sit down with a loan representative before you even fill out the first piece of paperwork and ask all of the questions you have about loans in general.
  6. We will walk you through the loan process and explain it every step of the way – no rushing you into signing something you don’t understand.
  7. Our lenders are experienced, knowledgeable professionals who will work to get you the best rate and terms possible.
  8. If you have issues or problems after your loan closes and payments begin, we will be here for you. There will always be someone who can sit down with you and help find a solution.
  9. Benchmark is consistently recognized as a top-rated community bank nationally! As our pledge states, we will always go the extra mile for you!
  10. We have helped thousands just like you with loans over the course of our 45 year history. Here's just a small sampling of what our satisfied loan customers say about their experience with us:

We started our relationship with Benchmark over 40 years ago, getting our first small loan when we were just teenagers.  Since then Benchmark has helped us finance and build our business, our home, and our rental houses.  They always take the time to listen to our concerns as well as our ideas and have given financial advice and guidance in a professional and efficient way.  We have always been able to depend on them - in good times and in bad.  We credit Benchmark with our accomplishments!

Timothy & Linda Clark
Victoria, VA

Benchmark gave me a chance to improve my credit when no one else would even talk to me. They listened and showed concern and understanding. They also helped my daughter to obtain a loan to build her credit. They helped me get back on my feet and on the right track. The loan process was simple and very easy to understand. They made the payments fit my budget.  I would recommend Benchmark to everyone.

Karen Kaminski-Joyner
South Hill, VA

When I thought I might need a personal loan, I went to Benchmark. They were very helpful. As an emerging adult, situations like this can feel overwhelming. The loan officer was very open and honest with me, and thoughtfully answered all my questions. It was nice to feel like an equal, rather than an inferior, especially because I was new to financial conversations. Although I ended up not needing the loan after all was said and done, I feel extra comfortable going back to Benchmark any time I need a loan in the future.

Melanie Pool, South Boston, VA

Benchmark made my refinancing experience as "stress-free" as possible. I appreciated their efficiency and professionalism.

Mary Ames, Blackstone, VA

I like coming to Benchmark for my loans because, unless it's a complex business or real estate loan, you can come in on one Friday and walk out with the money on the next Friday.

William Wright, Lawrenceville, VA