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Business Loans

Benchmark's business banking department is well-versed in structuring complex business loans. No matter what stage you're in with your business, we can probably help you with a loan. Typically, we help businesses secure funding for:Lit open sign in window

Start-up Loans

Benchmark believes in helping enterprising entrepreneurs get their new businesses off the ground. We usually suggest a home equity loan or a personal loan to get started and recommend letting us help with the financial management of the new business. Once the business is established, other business loans can be considered.

Operating Capital

When your business needs an infusion of cash to keep it operating smoothly and efficiently, we can help. We can calculate your working capital ratio and recommend a loan to better balance your assets and liabilities.

Asset Acquisition or Business Expansion

Ready to move to the next level with your business? Whether it's opening a new location, expanding your lines, or spinning off a new product, Benchmark can provide the financial assistance.

Real Estate Loans

When renting is not the best option and you're ready to purchase your business location, come see us. We specialize in business mortgages!

Construction Loans

If building that new office, storefront or facility is the way to go, we can get you the special financing that will make it a reality.

Vehicle and Equipment Loans

If your business requires commercial vehicles and/or heavy equipment, we can help.

Debt Restructuring

Sometimes the best course of action is to consolidate debt into one loan. We can look at your situation, make a recommendation, and/or help you with this process.

Business Line of Credit

Running a business is not without surprises. Sometimes it means extra expense. Unexpected opportunities also come up. It's nice to know there are funds readily available for these situations. By establishing a Benchmark business line of credit, you'll be better prepared for whatever comes your way.

Business Credit Card

business credit cardWant a better way to track your business expenditures? Looking for a little "float?" Feel a tad unsure about using a vendor for the first time? A business credit card may be the answer. It can help you manage both your expenses and cash flow and can eliminate the need for excessive petty cash. A credit card is also the preferred method of payment for both large ticket items and online purchases as they provide a certain degree of buyer protection.

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Rewards Program

Use of the business credit card will earn you bonus points that you can redeem for gifts, travel, and more! The ScoreCard rewards program is among the best in the industry.