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Many parents like to take the initiative to teach their children good financial habits. As they get older and into high school or college, they can look for information themselves. Benchmark is always glad to provide educational materials on an individual basis. If you would like assistance in this area, contact the manager at the branch nearest your home or school or visit our online financial education program, MoneySmart by Banzai.
"The TODAY Show" aired a segment on raising children to be money-smart. Watch the video here:
Email us to find out how to get your free copy of Money$mart Kids, a guide for parents who want to teach their children good financial habits. 

Resources for Teachers

We understand that handling money, saving, using a checking account and how to use credit wisely are not among your normal classroom topics. Yet they are things that every child should learn early and continue to develop as he or she grows older. The best way to get this information to them, we believe, is through those who teach them each day. If you are a teacher in Southside Virginia, you may be interested in these options:

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Classroom Instruction

To help with the financial education of the youth in our communities, Benchmark staff members frequently agree to give special classroom presentations on the subject of personal finances. Each presentation is customized for the age group involved as well as its level of awareness. The presenter consults with the teacher on the material to be presented and supplies all the necessary hand outs. Presentations can be scheduled through your local branch.

Branch Tours

In addition to classroom visits, bank tours are sometimes arranged for area classes. These are popular among the lower grades. It gives the children the opportunity to learn how a bank operates and what they do for their customers. Arrangements are generally made through the manager at the branch closest to the school that the students attend.

Representation at School Events

Many schools, especially in the middle grades, put on career or community fairs to give the students an opportunity to learn more about the businesses and organizations in their area. When invited to these events, Benchmark makes every effort to participate. The branch manager in the area will generally ask staff members to volunteer. Many of them love doing this.

books with apple on topEducational Tools

Sometimes teachers create their own special projects or programs on financial responsibility for their students and need only hand outs. Benchmark offers a variety of pieces, including games and trivia quizzes that can be picked up from the local branch with advance notice. One of the most popular is a brochure called Starting your Financial Journey.

Visit My Classroom Economy to find enjoyable and effective ways to teach students fundamental financial literacy components.