Special Notices

Travel Preparation


When planning a trip, always remember to alert your local branch as to the locations and dates that you will be traveling. Monitoring systems normally block debit card transactions outside of your normal day-to-day area of spending and those that look suspicious. This will keep that from happening. Learn more about our debit card protection program. Also, learn more about SecurLOCK, a protection service for your Benchmark Visa debit or credit card we offer to you for free.


finger on send in computer keysCommunication is becoming increasingly electronic. Unlike physical addresses,e-mail addresses can be easily and quickly changed. Make sure that you update your e-mail address with us when it changes. When we don't get word of the change, we lose the ability to send important updates and notices, including some exciting opportunities! If your e-mail has changed since you last gave us one or if you are new to e-mail, please let us know.

E-mail us at customerservice@bcbonline.com with the valid e-mail address you prefer to use.

Depositsperson signing check

Changes from the Federal Reserve concerning Regulation CC (Funds Availability): If we place a hold on a check you deposit, the funds will generally be available on the second business day after the day of deposit.

Holiday Closingsholidays

Benchmark will close to observe the following holidays:

Holiday Date
Independence Day Thursday, July 4
Labor Day Monday, September 2
Columbus Day Monday, October 14
Veterans Day Monday, November 11
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 28
Christmas Eve Tuesday, December 24 (closing at 1 p.m.)
Christmas Day Wednesday, December 25
We encourage you to use Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Banking by Phone
(800-245-7506), BCBonTheGo, and our convenient ATMs when the bank is closed.

Business Hours During Inclement Weather

If our bank closes early, opens late, or will be closed, announcements will be made on our Facebook page as well as the following radio stations in these markets:

  • WBBC (Blackstone, Crewe, Kenbridge, and Victoria)
  • WEVA (Emporia)
  • WFLO (Farmville)
  • WHLF (Halifax and South Boston)
  • WKSK (Lawrenceville and South Hill)
  • WLUS (Chase City and Clarksville)

Are You Ready to Weather Any Storm?

In the face of a natural disaster or another emergency, Benchmark wants your banking to be among the least of your concerns. Being prepared to weather whatever storm strikes will help you to have peace of mind until all systems are once again on "go."

There are several things you can do to ensure your financial operations proceed as normal even though your local branch may not be open:

  • Cash and credit cards: Be ready to pay for what you need. Be sure to have cash and credit cards with you, particularly if you are traveling. In the event of widespread power outages, you may not be able to get cash from ATMs or your usual cash-back retailers. Take with you what you believe you will need. If you have more than one credit card, take at least two with you in the event your provider’s system is not working during the storm or its aftermath.
  • BCB Mobile Banking: Most, if not all, transactions attempted on mobile banking will be available to you. If you have not taken advantage of our mobile banking app, visit Google Play or the App Store to download and register.
  • BCB Internet Banking: If you are away from home and have access to secure Wi-Fi, you should be able to access Internet Banking. Please be sure you do not use a public computer or open access Wi-Fi where others can possibly see your personal banking information.
  • Online payments, automatic drafts, and direct deposits: Online bill pay payments, automatic drafts, and direct deposits should process normally since they are not necessarily dependent upon our offices being open. Some could be delayed, so please be aware. You may be assessed a late fee for anything delayed. However, most providers are prepared to work with you to reverse fees post-storm in the event your payment was attempted and delayed.
  • Mobile Deposits: Mobile deposits are processed upon receipt dependent upon our ability to access your activity. In the event of widespread power outages, your mobile deposits may be delayed. Please do not depend on having access to those funds in the event our offices are closed during a natural disaster.
  • Is my branch open? Benchmark’s footprint now stretches from Wake Forest to Farmville and Emporia to South Boston. We will do our best to have your branch open to serve your banking needs, though life safety concerns and the availability of electricity will determine branch operations. Please check your local radio, television, and other public communications that typically share inclement weather closures.
  • News via Facebook: If you or someone close to you is active on Facebook, be sure to "Like and Share" our Facebook page. Our updates with the most up-to-the-minute information regarding branch activity will appear on your news feed.

Our prayer is that we are all spared any serious impact, though we want each of you to be prepared for whatever comes our way. It is our honor and privilege to serve you and assist you on your banking journey. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you navigate any banking concerns due to any impact you may encounter.