Checking & Savings

$mart$tart is a program that has been developed for teens between the ages of 13 and 17 to help them build a solid financial foundation. The program features both a savings account and a special checking account.

Features of the $mart$tart checking account include:

  • Debit card* with ultra-cool design!
  • Rewards program!
  • College savings incentives (see below)!
  • Scholarships!

In addition to growing a $mart$tart savings account, we encourage college-bound teens saving for their education to connect to Sallie Mae's Upromise program. Through this unique program, each time the teen uses his or her $mart$tart debit card at an enrolled partner, they earn $$ to be used toward future educational expenses. For details, visit the Upromise web pages.

If you have questions about $mart$tart, just ask one of our customer service representatives who will be glad to tell you more!


If the primary account owner is a minor, an additional account owner of legal age is required. *ATM/Visa debit card withdrawal limits may be restricted by parent or guardian (must be a joint account holder).

$mart$tart card peaking out of pant pocket